Meet Our Team

Armeer Kenchen

Executive Director

Armeer Kenchen leads the CornerSquare Community Capital team as the executive director. Prior to joining CornerSquare…

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J Farrar

Loan Operations Manager

J Farrar serves as a loan operations manager for CornerSquare Community Capital. He has more than 10 years of operations experience…

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Jasper Jones

Relationship Manager

Jasper joined the NC Rural Center in July 2021 and currently holds the position of relationship manager for the Small Business Capital team. In his role…

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Juan Canal

Finance & Impact Manager

Juan Canal is responsible for financial and impact reporting for CornerSquare Community Capital. Some of his responsibilities include…

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Kristin Perkins

Loan Production Manager

Kristin joined the Rural Center in June 2022 as the Loan Production Manager. She is responsible for…

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Norma Wesson

Director of Operations and Servicing

Norma serves as director for loan operations and servicing for CornerSquare Community Capital. She previously worked…

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Racine Casper

Loan Operations Coordinator

Racine serves as the loan operations coordinator for CornerSquare Community Capital. She is a Virginia native and relocated to…

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