Two people standing to the side and in front of a sign for MCCAIN FUNERAL HOME.

Client Profile: Cody T. McCain Sr.

Profiles of Impact

For Cody T. McCain Sr., opening a funeral home has been a lifelong dream, nurtured from the time he was a 4-year-old attending his great-great uncle’s funeral and fascinated by the ceremony and service.

By age 8, McCain’s interest in …

Client Profile: Edmund Washington

Profiles of Impact

For Edmund Washington, being an entrepreneur is a dream come true. “I got a late start to it, but I always wanted to own my own business,” says Edmund, owner of two locations of the franchise, No Grease, a men’s luxury …

Client Profile: Jill Hendrick

Profiles of Impact

Jill Hendrick of Pineville, West Virginia, says that entrepreneurship is in her blood. “My grandmother opened the first flower shop in Wyoming County in 1948,” she says. “I haven’t researched it, but I’d bet that she was one of the …