Armeer Kenchen

Executive Director

Armeer Kenchen leads the CornerSquare Community Capital team as the executive director. Prior to joining CornerSquare, he was a member of Self-Help’s executive team where he was responsible for developing strategic partnerships and leading implementation of strategic priorities that drove growth and expansion. He has significant experience working with CDFIs, having previously served as Executive Vice President at Self-Help, Chief Executive Officer of Generations Community Credit Union, and board chair at the Carolina Small Business Development Fund.

Armeer has more than twenty-five years of experience working with community development finance institutions, non-profit and community development organizations. Some additional highlights of his career include experience as a public school teacher, business consultant, child-care center operator, and affordable housing developer.

Armeer is active in the community, serving on several boards throughout North Carolina. He is currently Vice-Chair of the Durham City/County Planning Commission and treasurer of Durham Community Land Trustees.